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SEM images :
Graphene nanoribbons : R. Murali / Georgiatech.
Polymeric nanospheres : B.G. Choi / Ewha Womans University.
FeS2 nanocrystals : R. Ellington / University of Toledo.
Cr doped TiO2 nanospheres : M. Ramezani / Azad University.
CZTS thin film : F. Jiang / Osaka University.

Font : TELEGRAMA by Yamoaka Yasuhiro.

Equipements :
Ultracapacitors : Maxwell Technologies Inc.
MW Synthesis : CEM corporation.

Illustrations : Shutterstock, Anuha.


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The website deals with computational methods in chemicals and materials development, and is intended to professionals in this field, with a working knowledge of present day methods and achievements.


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